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Exchange – Cannot remove ACE on object … because it is not present.

note: following the transfer of this domain to the new owners, per user requests this article was recovered from the internet archive wayback machine, but may not be complete.

I have run into a problem while doing some routine maintenance on some shared mailboxes for the company I work for.   During the maintenance process, we audit the list of users that have full mailbox rights to any shared mailbox.  In the process, I was trying to remove full permissions from several user accounts.  Here is what the Manage Full Access Permission screen looked like. Read more

Command to list all messages to a specific domain for the day

If you want to list all of the messages sent to a recipient with a specific domain, you can run this command. It will export a list of all message from 8:00AM – 5:00PM on 10/17/2009 that were to someone on the domain. The list will be saved to c:\send.xls

get-transportserver | Get-MessageTrackingLog -ResultSize Unlimited -Start “10/17/2009 8:00AM” -End “11/17/2009 5:00PM” -eventid Send | WHERE {$_.recipients -like “**”} > “c:\send.xls”